We provide reliable and appropriate equipment from renowned brands.
We can adapt to any special request. Here are the services we offer:
- Artesian well
- Drilling
- Excavation
- Earthwork
- Topsoil
- Gravel
- Septic tank
- Water inlet
- Drainage
- Installation of rubber membrane for basement
- Fence
- Snow removal

Drilling, artesian well, submersible pumps, tanks & filters

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Ecoflo septic system

As with any domestic wastewater treatment process, the Ecoflo biofilter includes a septic
tank with filter, a processing unit and a polishing field. If needed, a tertiary treatment unit
with disinfection is added.

Ecoflo is designed for both main residences and second homes, and fits as good for new
constructions than for replacement of an older system. Ecoflo is available in a polyethylene
(plastic), concrete or fiberglass housing. The recommended type of housing depends on the
size, topography, nature, thickness and permeability of the natural ground of the property.
This is called a soil test.